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Immigration to Portugal

Portugal’s one of the oldest countries of Europian Continent and without a doubt, one of the most beautiful, too. It is a country that has history surrounded its every nook and corner. It wears its culture and architectural heritage as a crown on its head.

It has a very appropriate climate and weather for those who want to live and work in a safe, secure and stable place. A perfect environment to open a business and a family to settle down in, Portugal has it all, really. Plus, the technological, educational and occupational advancements and the overall development has given birth to ample amount of opportunities in the country, which has made it an ideal place for investors and people who want to open up their own businesses. Moreover, to lure in the investors, it provides a few favourable conditions like – living and working in Portugal; Visa-free travel with sister states; Portugal’s PR after five years of inhabitancy; you can also include your family members – spouse, children or dependent parents, etc.

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