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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Provincial nomination program has been very popular in recent years due to very high threshold of Federal programs. Provincial programs have comparatively soft eligibility criteria. However, each province has its own demographic composition due to which most of their nomination programs are either occupation restricted or job offer based. For high tech and technical jobs, job offer route may work. Other applicants have to adopt the occupations in demand route.

Provincial Nominee Investment programs

The applicants can obtain residency in Canada by acquiring an existing business or start a new business in any province. Investment starts from CAD150,000 up to CAD400,000


  • Net worth: CAD500,000 – CAD800,000 (depending on province)
  • Investment: Minimum investment CAD150,000
  • Age: 55 Years
  • Language proficiency: Minimum CLB 5 in speaking, listening, reading & writing in either English or French
  • Criminal Record: Should not have any criminal history
  • Medical Record: Should not have any serious health condition

Benefits of the PNP program:

  • It speeds up the application process of your Canada PR. Once they receive the PNP nomination, they are free to work and live in Canada as long as they want to.
  • They can attain Canadian Citizenship easily once they start to live in Canada. Young immigrants who possess study language skills, high levels of education, and skilled work experience, prior Canadian connections are best suited for this program. Immigrants who come to the Provincial Nominee Program have a chance to integrate swiftly with the Canadian job market.

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